Simac Tech,  is an italian company strongly oriented to technology innovation in industrial automations. The company is able to offer complete solutions, fully projected and realized at its Headquarters: the electronics, the mechanics, and the software applications. This advanced overview of global automation led Simac Tech to supply plants in multiple fields and different Countries, mainly in Europe, USA, Latin America, North Africa.

The company is most known in the Automotive sector, Tissue and Non Wovens industry, Ceramics and Glass fields, Mechanic industry, Logistics and Robotics, proposing a wide and diversified range of products, systems and applications.

The main products categories are:

  • productions process automations;
  • quality control;
  • end-of-line automations;
  • handling;
  • palletizing;
  • pallets handling;
  • wrapping;
  • weighing;
  • labelling;
  • post-process controls.

Robotic cells with anthropomorphous or collaborative robots, for any application:

  • Products handling;
  • Quality control;
  • Palletizing;
  • Conveying;
  • Mechanical Applications;
  • Assembling;
  • Pick-and-Place;
  • Servitude to machine-tools: components feeding, dangerous works such as welding, deburring, cutting.

Vision system “Vedo”: artificial Vision to guide the robots, quality control, components detection and recognition, post-process controls.

Automatic guided vehicles:

  • AGV;
  • Mobile Robots;
  • Pulling shuttles: cable-guided, laser-guided, or by magnet, or through Optical Vision;
  • Last generation Drones.


  • Press loading machines;
  • Technological towers;
  • Trolleys for replacing moulds and punches;
  • Dry colouring plants;
  • End-of-Line;
  • Palletizing;
  • Slabs handling;
  • Packaging;
  • Sorting and Quality Control.

Progetto per l’avvio di un percorso di Internazionalizzazione di Simac Tech Srl attraverso un piano export rivolto ai mercati di Brasile e Germania, cofinanziato dal Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale.
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