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Drinktec 2017 in Munich – 9 / 11 September 2017

The Special Picking Robotic Cell realized by Simac Tech has been presented

Achieving Multi-Product pallets, specifically programmed according to need.

An extraordinary success, Krones presented at Hall B6 the new Robotic Cell realized by Simac Tech, that manages independently to depalletize the single-product pallets, then relocating the goods in mixed way, to compose multi-products pallets, according to the selecting program preset criteria. The robot is equipped with innovative grip systems, and is guided by an intelligent, dynamic and interactive vision system, enabling it deciding independently, thus chasing at best the preset target.

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Progetto per l’avvio di un percorso di Internazionalizzazione di Simac Tech Srl attraverso un piano export rivolto ai mercati di Brasile e Germania, cofinanziato dal Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale.
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